You Are Not in Control!

December 19, 2021

The recruitment landscape has never changed so drastically as it has from pre-COVID to now.

No longer does the employer have the upper hand, it is all about the employee and they know it.

Employee’s want:

  1. Flexible work from home options
  2. Flexible hours of work when in the office
  3. A salary increase
  4. Genuine long term career plans  

If you’re not open to negotiating these terms with your employees, they can and will walk away and get them with your competitor.

When it comes to hiring new staff, gone are the days when the employee should just be happy to be offered a full-time job. They now want want want and can get.

Select businesses are at the forefront of these changes and are managing them extremely well while others are stuck in there old ways and are being left behind. 

If you want to continue to grow your business and add new and retain your staff, it is critical that you negotiate with your employees to ensure they stay. You will then see a greater uptake on candidates being attracted to work for your business and ultimately become an employer of choice.

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